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Articles For Clergy

FuneralChaplain provides some articles for clergy, ministers, and officiants to consider when putting together a funeral, memorial, or graveside service.  While some customs vary by region or faith tradition, these articles are designed to help you guide a family as they walk through the initial steps of the grieving process.

Order of Service - Traditional Funeral

The traditional funeral typically involves a formal service either at the church or funeral home.  It would be followed by a funeral procession to the cemetery, where a brief commital service would occur.  Here is a suggested order of service to help you begin your planning.

  • Prelude - Choose suitable music for the occasion and the life of a loved one. 

Writing a Eulogy: Collecting information

Considered by many to be one of the central elements to the service, the eulogy provides an opportunity to share a couple of stories, some memories, and the personality traits of the deceased.  While an obituary captures the details of a person's life, a eulogy attempts to capture the essence of their life.  Often a eulogy will also offer some lessons for those who remain, or some thoughts that we think our loved one would have wanted us to hear.


Philosophy of Ministry

What is a Philosophy of Ministry?

A philosophy of ministry can be thought of as a set of statements or core convictions that guide your ministerial choices.  Whether formally written or not, a philosophy of ministry is what shapes our decisions and boundaries.  It determines what we consider most important, and outlines for us the things that we will or won't do.  You might consider it to be a mission statement (of sorts), that clarifies your role and purpose as you minister to grieving families.

My Philosophy of Ministry

As I greet a family for the first time, I remind myself that I am a physical re-presentation of Christ.  Continually shaped by the 23rd Psalm,



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