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For Him

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Rows and rows of troubled men,
all locked up tight because of sin.
You seldom see a smile or grin,
on anyone around.

Their life goes on from day to day,
and sometimes you will hear them say,
I wish there was another way to spend
my time with "Him."

I look around and all I see
is sorrow that bewilders me.
I often think its not for me,
or anyone at all.

I hope the day will come in time
so I can have some peace of mind
and say a prayer for all mankind.
I'd like it just that way.

As time goes on I'm older now
and yet I think I know just how
to look at life and say out loud,
"Oh thank you, Lord," each day.

Now it's time for me to rest.
I've given life my very best,
I hope these words will pass the test,
to help you on your way.

If you should fall or go astray
just ask the Lord to light the way
and thank Him for each passing day
and live them all for Him.

Bill Bruns - 3-10-02



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